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Building a home well suited to different needs

Donations raised through the Véro & Louis Foundation will provide a safe and stimulating living environment for adults with autism aged 21 and over. An innovative project with the goal of building a home well suited to the special needs of adult clients with autism spectrum disorder.

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Funding goal for building the first home and welcoming its residents.

Much more than a house

The Véro & Louis Foundation is committed to creating a living environment in accordance with the following fundamental principles:

  • Planning and building a home that will meet the specific characteristics of individuals with autism over the age of 21.
  • Long-term access to a stable living environment.
  • Respect for each resident's individual characteristics.
  • Active participation by all residents in the community life of the complex.
  • Involvement of the residents' families to make it a healthy, loving and happy living environment.
  • Hire qualified and attentive staff that is responsive to the residents' needs.
  • Raise awareness of the population regarding the realities of adults with autism and their family.

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