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Resident Attendant


Publié le : 1 November 2022

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Job Description


Resident Attendant


Reporting to the Head of the Accommodation and Programming Department, the Resident Attendant works with the members of the home’s care team and helps develop various programs.


The Resident Attendant assists and supports the residents with basic needs (including maintaining hygiene), applies medical treatment protocols (including the administration of medication and care authorized by Bill 90) and takes account of residents' tastes and interests during social and leisure activities. They may also:

  • Assist with hygiene and meals
  • Use alternative communication strategies (PECS, TEACCH)
  • Complete scoring grids
  • Write observation notes
  • Work as part of a team and communicate relevant information to colleagues
  • Accompany residents to medical appointments
  • Ensure residents receive support in their daily tasks and routines
  • Assist colleagues at activity times


    • Completed vocational training (DEP) in institutional and home care
    • Specific training in the reality of people on the autism spectrum (important asset)
    • Training certificate for the administration of medication and invasive care assistance (Bill 90)


    • Have the well-being of residents at heart, and the ability to anticipate needs, treat others with dignity and ensure the safety of the individuals receiving support
    • Possess certain qualities such as: benevolence and good listening and teamwork skills
    • Experience working with people on the autism spectrum and/or with mental health issues and/or living in a residence offering a long-term living environment (asset)
    • First aid/CPR skills (asset)
    • Therapeutic intervention during aggressive behaviour (ITCA) (asset)
    • Valid driver's license

Join the Maison Véro & Louis team!

Send your CV to: emplois@fondationverolouis.com

Interested in being a part of an innovative, human-focused project?

The first Véro & Louis Home was inaugurated in Varennes in May 2021. This pioneering living environment is designed for the needs of autistic adults aged 21 and over, with or without intellectual disabilities. The Foundation not only built the home according to the world's best architectural practices for an ideal physical environment for autistic individuals, it developed an educational program to support the residents and help them develop their potential on an ongoing basis. We are currently expanding our team. We’re looking for people who want to help make the project a great success!

There are many other great reasons to come work with us:
– Our project is innovative and supported by research projects.
– You can play a role in developing practices for adults with ASD.
– Your workplace is a friendly, people-focused living environment.
– Your positivity, creativity and ideas are appreciated!
– You will receive full support during your onboarding process.
– We provide employees with an ongoing training program.
– Our beautiful facilities offer our residents a variety of activities including swimming, sports, cultural activities and gardening.
– What’s more, we provide group insurance, a group RRSP and your meals, and we now have a charging station for your electric cars!
– Public transit is available near the Home.

Join the team at the Véro & Louis Home!

The values of the Véro & Louis Foundation and Homes

The values of the Véro & Louis Foundation are integral to its culture and purpose. They can be summarized in one fundamental principle: respect for difference, which is the basis of our attitudes, conduct and actions. This means offering our residents, their families and our employees the best possible conditions to enhance their well-being and quality of life.


These four values are also central at Véro & Louis Homes. Certain values underlie our respect for difference:


    Each resident and their family members are treated with compassion at all times, which is integral to the approach of our services.


    Every resident is a human being like anyone else with the right to dignity. It’s important to respect their choices, forms of expression, reactions, interiority, and physical, moral and spiritual integrity.


    Ethics are top of mind for all employees, volunteers and other staff members at the Véro & Louis Home in all parts of their work with residents.


    Solidarity between all team members at the Home is foundational to the assistance they provide our residents.

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