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Donations raised through the Véro & Louis Foundation will provide a safe and stimulating living environment for adults with autism aged 21 and over. An innovative project with the goal of building a home well suited to the special needs of adult clients with autism spectrum disorder.


Our mission is to build and operate one or more homes that can accommodate and provide support, on a permanent basis, to persons aged 21 and over with autism spectrum disorder. The Foundation's decision to only help people aged 21 and over was motivated by the realization that services offered to them are almost non-existent. Many of the services available to children with pervasive developmental disorders seem to diminish or disappear altogether when these children reach adulthood. In this way, the Foundation aims to fill a significant gap in our society.

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What is autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) represents a set of neurodevelopmental defects that can cause significant difficulties with social communication skills and behaviour.

ASD is characterized by major challenges in two areas: communication problems and difficulty with social interactions as well as behaviour and restricted or repetitive activities and interests.

Clinical features can vary greatly from one individual to another. Each individual presents a unique combination of characteristics and symptoms. The condition covers a wide spectrum with individual differences that vary according to age, cognitive and behavioural characteristics and the presence of related conditions. Symptoms can also change over time. Individuals with autism represent a group that is so heterogeneous that it is often said there are as many forms of autism as there are individuals with autism. (Source: FQATED)

Irrespective of social or ethnic origin, the latest epidemiological studies indicate a prevalence rate of 1 in 68 for all individuals with ASDs. There are 5 boys for every girl, therefore 1 boy in 42 will be affected (1/42) and 1 girl in 189 (1/189). Since 2002, the number of diagnoses for autism spectrum disorder has increased by 78% and continues to rise. It is highly alarming, to say the least.

The majority of children diagnosed with ASD do not present an intellectual disability (69%).

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