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A new illustration by Raphaël for the Différent comme toi campaign!



Published on : February 17th 2023

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  • A new illustration by raphaël for the différent comme toi campaign!
Photo illustration 2023 01 17

Following the success of the 2021 sweatshirt illustration of the caterpillar seeing the reflection of the butterfly it will become, Raphaël Duplessis, a young autistic adult with a passion for 3D animation, is back this year with a brand new illustration. Always with the same theme, that of the Maison Véro & Louis which shelters different people and that of the caterpillar which transforms into a butterfly, he explains the meaning of his new creation:

"The whole insect community, the ants, the bees are mobilized to build together a house where the caterpillar, thanks to the general mutual aid, flourishes and becomes a beautiful butterfly."

Children's and adult models available on the Foundation's online store.

A few words about Raphaël Duplessis' background:

Raphaël is a young adult with autism whose background is particularly "atypical". Passionate about the PIXAR universe and 3D animation since he was very young, he has participated in several television programs related to autism (Donnez au suivant, Téléthon Enfant Soleil) and in two documentaries: Autiste, bientôt majeur and Autiste maintenant majeur. Very determined by nature, Raphaël nurtures this "Anything is possible" mentality on a daily basis. At the age of 15, he was able to visit the PIXAR studio in California during a student trip with the AFS organization, where he was the first person living with autism spectrum disorder in North America to take part in the AFS program. Today, he works in Montreal, in 3D animation at FOLKS, a studio specialized in VFX where he thrives in the environment he loves and for which he is very talented!

THANK YOU Raphaël for this great collaboration and congratulations for your brilliant career!

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