Véro & Louis Foundation - Objective 2019

Building a home well suited to different needs

The goal of this innovative project is to offer people with autism aged 21 and over a long-term residence, a healthy and loving home environment and qualified staff while ensuring peace of mind for parents.

Living otherwise

Making a difference. Reaching out. Rectify some of the injustices fate has placed across your path. The Véro & Louis Foundation's mission is to support adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who are abandoned by the health care system at the age of 21, leaving families without resources. The Véro & Louis Foundation hopes to build a home for adults living with ASD. Everyone should be able to blossom in a healthy environment, with dignity, surrounded by love.

As life has been good to us, we want to make a meaningful gesture that is larger than ourselves, something real, a legacy that goes beyond our media impact, to offer peace of mind to families who are in great need of it. The challenge is significant, the road ahead is a long one, the enemy is uncompromising, but action remains the best solution.

Véro & Louis xx

The foundation

The beginning of a wonderful adventure

''While writing Deux garçons à la mère, I felt that this tiny 148-page book would change our lives... but I did not realize the extent of it! I am overjoyed that Véro and Louis are getting involved in this cause that is very close to my heart. Building a home is wonderful, but even more wonderful is shedding light upon the reality of adults with autism and their families. Everything is done with respect, pleasure and joy. There are no words to express my gratitude. A great “big-as-the-universe” thank you will have to do! And so begins a wonderful and great adventure. Thank you for taking part in our happiness. Vive la différence!''

Guylaine Guay, sponsor of the Foundation
Comedian, speaker, author and mother of 15 year-old Léo and 13 year-old Clovis.

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