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Why Give

Donating to support a cause is a very personal decision and each donor gives for their own reasons. See some reasons why you might want to give to our foundation.

5 Great Reasons to Give

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1. Donate and contribute to a unique, innovative and visionary project

The first Véro & Louis Home in Varennes is a permanent housing model specially tailored to the needs and well-being of autistic adults aged 21 and up. More than just housing, Véro & Louis Homes are educational environments that offer a specially designed and personalized program for residents and autistic people from outside the home to participate in educational and socio-professional daytime activities.

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2. Donate to show support to parents of autistic children

There is an urgent need among some families who are worried about what will happen to their autistic child who is 21 or over when they reach the limit of their abilities to keep them at home. Other parents want their autistic child to spread their wings and enjoy their adulthood with both independence and structure.

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3. It feels good to give!

Showing generosity creates feelings of well-being, happiness and “inner warmth.” Did you know that people who donate to foundations and associations are on average more satisfied with life than those who don’t? And that’s no matter the amount!

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4. Donate to contribute to research

Teams of researchers support the Véro & Louis Foundation to document and validate our processes and lend their expertise to improving our project. This collaboration lets us share knowledge and in turn, provide a model for future similar homes.

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5. Donate to enjoy tax benefits

Donations can be made once, monthly or at an event, matched by an employer or as a legacy gift. Your charitable donation receipts give you a tax credit that you can use to reduce your federal and provincial income tax. For forms of planned giving like testamentary gifts and donations of life insurance policies or publicly traded securities, we encourage you to speak to your financial planner, notary, accountant and tax advisor. They are best positioned to help you prepare a legacy gift and benefit from all its advantages.

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Thank you for supporting our cause!