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The Véro & Louis Home in Varennes

Not just a place to live—a place to flourish!

Since May 2021, 16 residents have been living in the safe, caring and stimulating Véro & Louis Home in Varennes.

A specially tailored environment

The living spaces are designed according to the recommendations of design and architecture researchers and respond to the residents’ particular needs. Individual bedrooms provide privacy while the large common spaces are divided into zones so residents can choose their level of social interaction. The lighting, soundproofing and muted decor were selected to minimize sensory stimulation. The residents also enjoy a large outdoor space with dedicated areas for physical activity and relaxation, including a playground, swings, a vegetable garden, a pool and even a spa!

A dedicated team

Our skilled and committed teams are at the heart of our philosophy. To guarantee the stability that is so important to autistic individuals, Véro & Louis Homes prioritize the good care of their employees, providing a stimulating work environment, ongoing training and competitive work conditions. Our model relies on high-quality staff—something on which we’ll never compromise.

The staff at the Véro & Louis Home in Varennes include a general director, a programming coordinator, special education teachers, resident attendants, a cook and night watch staff. Staff are present 24/7 to ensure residents always have the support they need. At all times in the day, there is one educator on-site for every four residents.

Activity-filled days!

Our innovative concept is unique for its educational programming that gives residents a way to continue learning and developing their potential at a pace that works for them. In collaboration with the CISSS de la Montérégie-Est, the Véro & Louis Home in Varennes developed and implemented an educational and socio-professional activity centre within its walls. The objective of its educational activities, planned and led by special education teachers, are to develop the independence, skills and interests of the participants while promoting their social integration at the home and in the community.

Some of our most popular activities:

  • Correspondence Project: corresponding with family members including extended family (grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings) to maintain connections.
  • Cooking Project: preparing different foods to make snacks for themselves and other participants and independently following a recipe while meeting health and hygiene requirements.
  • Gardening Project: participating in the different steps of preparing a garden, such as preparing the seeds, watering, transplanting, companion planting, preparing the soil and planting the garden according to an established plan.
  • Daily tasks: helping maintain the living space throughout the day. Examples include setting the table, vacuuming after an activity, cleaning the tables, etc.
  • Regular library visits: activities led by youth facilitator Ms. Suzanne. The participants borrow books for personal use and can participate in interactive reading at home and board game activities to help promote communication skills.
  • Walking club: the club counts their kilometres walked to reach an imagined destination. The main objectives are to stay in shape, reduce sedentary behaviour and build endurance. Current destination: Mexico. A Mexican fiesta awaits at their destination!
  • Geography activity: opening up to the world around us. Participants get to know the neighbourhood and our city’s nearby businesses. This activity includes a passport project for participants to learn about the continents and countries.
  • Health and well-being evening: foot and hand treatments in a spa ambiance with relaxing music and aromatherapy. Participants can receive a massage and face treatment.

Board of Directors of the Véro & Louis Home in Varennes

Executive Director of Maison Véro & Louis in Varennes

Julie Roy



KO Stephane Rochon 88552 Andreanne Gauthier

Stéphane Rochon has been Chair of the Board of Directors and CEO at Groupe KO since 2021. He previous acted as President and CEO of Humania Assurance for a number of years. As a certified corporate director, Stéphane has sat on various boards and committees, like the Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF), the Institut québécois de la planification financière (IQPF) and SOCODEVI (a cooperative promoting international development), and served as the Université de Laval Industrial Alliance Financial Group Chair in Insurance and Financial Services.


VERO 8 DECEMBRE2022 92695 K Taillon



VERO PRINTEMPS 106007 Fred Bouchard

Frédéric is a partner at PwC Canada’s Deals practice and managing director of their Corporate Finance group in Montreal. He has been helping public and private companies raise capital and make acquisitions and divestitures for 20 years. Frédéric is the Montreal leader in the forest, paper and packaging sector and the sector’s deals leader for Eastern Canada. He mainly specializes in the building materials, consumer goods and food sectors.


FONDATION Guylou 83819 copie

Guylaine graduated from the École nationale de l’humour in 1995 and is still making people smile with over 20 years in the television industry. Creativity has been a constant throughout her career. She’s the author of Deux garçons à la mère and C’est bon d’être moi, a radio columnist on the Radio-Canada show Marina, a panelist and the mother of two autistic teens, Léo and Clovis, who inspire her wholehearted dedication to the Véro & Louis Foundation’s mission.


HIVER 89477 copie A Beauchamp Chatel

Dr. Beauchamp-Châtel has extensive expertise in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). His projects include a master’s thesis on temper tantrums in preschool-aged autistic children, completed under the supervision of Dr. Laurent Mottron at Hôpital Rivière-des-Prairies. He has been working in the deinstitutionalization of autistic adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) and severe behaviour disorders since 2016. He also provides care to autistic people with and without intellectual disabilities in an outpatient clinic. As his work advocates for improving the services provided to autistic adults, he is proud to contribute to the Véro & Louis Foundation’s visionary project.

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