What is autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is part of a larger umbrella of neurodevelopmental disorders.  ASD affects two spheres of development : communication and social interactions as well as stereotyped or repetitive behaviours, activities and interests.

Clinical features can vary greatly from one individual to another. Each individual presents a unique combination of characteristics and symptoms. The condition covers a wide spectrum with individual differences that vary according to age, cognitive and behavioural characteristics and the presence of related conditions. Symptoms can also change over time. Individuals with autism represent a group that is so heterogeneous that it is often said there are as many forms of autism as there are individuals with autism. (Source: Fédération québécoise de l’autisme)

11 years

Up to 11 years wait time for housing

4 times more

TSA is diagnosed four times more often in boys than in girls.


of the population in Quebec lives with autism spectrum disorder (Source: Fédération québécoise de l’autisme)

21 years old

age when people are no longer supported


Autism over age 21

Autism is not a disease. There is no cure. Autism is for life. As for all young adults, adults with autism aspire for more autonomy. To do so, they require daily support.

After the age of 21, services offered to people with autism are almost non-existent. Thousands of families with an autistic child therefore find themselves without means, without resources and at the end of their rope. This service gap has a tremendous impact on these families who must make major compromises.


The greatest fear for parents of a child with ASD is that their child won’t have a living environment suited to their needs when they’re no longer there! The Foundation will make a difference for some of them!

Chantale Lavoie


The Foundation is a wonderful initiative! It will provide much-needed help to caregivers and individuals. Thank you for your involvement!!

Manon Bouchard

My grandson Jérémi will soon turn 18. We hope to one day have a small place in one of your homes. Thank you for thinking of the over-twenty-ones.

Diane Therrien


I am so happy that Véro and Louis decided to build this home for autistic adults. I have an autistic nephew and this reassures me. THANK YOU!

Elise Lachapelle