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Read the testimonies of parents of residents at Maison Véro & Louis de Varennes


Published on : May 2nd 2023

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Our godmother Guylaine Guay talks about her experience with her two autistic sons, Léo and Clovis.

Gilbert is happy to see his son blossom and develop serenely at Maison Véro & Louis de Varennes. He knows that his son is supported and pampered by all the staff at the Maison, which is a real relief for him.

Sophie is the mum of our bubbly flatmate, Alexandra! Sophie has always wanted to give her daughter an adult life. She always wanted her to be able to live in a stimulating and warm environment, which is what Maison Véro & Louis de Varennes offers her today. She is delighted by the spirit of camaraderie that reigns in the house, but also by the autonomy Alexandra has acquired over time.

Hans-Christian is 51 years old. He has been living at Maison Véro & Louis in Varennes for almost two years now. From the moment she arrived, Lucille felt that Maison Véro & Louis was going to be the place where her child would blossom in the best possible way. And Hans-Christian is happy! Every day, he enthusiastically takes part in educational activities and enjoys his daily routine.

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