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New illustration by Raphaël for the Différent comme toi 2024 campaign



Published on : March 13th 2024

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For the 3rd year running, Raphaël Duplessis, a young autistic adult with a passion for 3D animation, invites us to enter his graphic universe with an illustration linked to the world of autism.

Raphaël's father explains: "Inspired by his own story, Raphaël wanted to depict a dad who manages to enter his autistic child's bubble and interact with him.

This scene refers to Raphaël's own experience with his parents, a beautiful relationship marked by communication and empathy. Indeed, knowing that their son was a fan of the Disney film "Toy Story", they transformed his room into an exact replica of Andy's, the film's hero. Everything was there! The toy chest, the cowboy wagon, the comforter, the globe-terrestrial and even the wallpaper with the clouds on the walls! With this transformation, Raphaël's parents found the key to entering their son's world and communicating with him. It just goes to show that you can get closer to your autistic child if you find the way! What a wonderful message of hope for families!

To purchase one of the three sweater models featuring the illustration, visit boutique.fondationverolouis.comor Aubainerie stores for the children's model.

A few words about Raphaël Duplessis :

Raphaël is a young autistic adult with a particularly "atypical" background. Fascinated by the PIXAR universe and 3D animation from an early age, he has taken part in several autism-related television programs (Donnez au suivant, Téléthon Enfant Soleil) and two documentaries: Autiste, bientôt majeur and Autiste maintenant majeur. Raphaël has a very determined nature, and he nurtures this "anything is possible" mentality on a daily basis. That's how, at the age of 15, he managed to visit the PIXAR studio in California during a student trip with the AFS organization, where he was the first person living with autism spectrum disorder in North America to take part in the AFS program. Today, he works in Montreal, in 3D animation at FOLKS, a studio specialized in VFX, where he thrives in the environment he loves and for which he is very gifted!

THANK YOU Raphaël for this wonderful collaboration and congratulations on your brilliant career!

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