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Published on : August 17th 2023

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Generosity is a question of heart and values. Annie Pellerin and her husband Vincent Trudel have always been generous with their time and money. But recently, the Trois-Rivières couple decided to make a positive and significant gesture by donating a considerable sum to support an organisation in which they have every confidence: the Véro & Louis Foundation.


It was after meeting Louis Morissette, with whom Annie Pellerin had a long chat during a happy hour, that she asked to visit the Varennes house with her husband. "As soon as we set foot in the house and saw the dynamic atmosphere, we knew that was where we wanted to give. It's a good group of people and it's concrete. In this Foundation on a human scale, everyone knows each other personally and we felt a familiarity that comes from authenticity," says Ms Pellerin, who advises that you should always find out before giving and not hesitate to ask questions, so that you are associated with people you trust.

These generous donors chose the Foundation for two main reasons. Firstly, because it focuses on adults with autism spectrum disorders, rather than children, who often benefit from greater support. The couple were convinced that their donation would help to improve the lives of these adults. Secondly, because they fully embrace the Foundation's values of caring, innovation and respect, as well as its aim of providing a warm and caring environment for people with autism.

"After meeting Véro, Louis, Guylaine Guay and the Foundation's Executive Director, Katty Taillon, we felt confident: their vision and objectives are clear and focused, and the staff are competent and dedicated," explains Mr Trudel, who is delighted that the money donated will be used to build two new homes in the near future. We also like the modest size of the Foundation and its very specific mission," he says. It simplifies administration and ensures that donations actually help people rather than getting lost in management fees.

Mrs Pellerin and Mr Trudel are very sensitive to the cause of autism, although none of their relatives need services such as those offered by Maison Véro & Louis. They have been lucky enough to have three beautiful children, but have unfortunately experienced the bereavement of one of them, who had Down's syndrome and died a few weeks prematurely. This ordeal has given them a better understanding of the concerns of families who have a disabled child or a child with special needs.

It was this altruism that touched the Foundation's Managing Director, Katty Taillon, who admits she fell in love with the couple. "They are extraordinary, profound people with a huge heart. As well as being genuine, they're there to help make a real difference. It shows!"

It takes a perfect fit for the collaboration to be mutually beneficial," says Annie Pellerin. Because let's face it, there's something selfish in giving too. It feels good to do good for others!


Ms Pellerin and Mr Trudel believe that if we want things to improve, we have to make an effort. Whether it's a financial contribution or volunteering, everyone can give. And every gesture counts. "You can sometimes change someone's life with a single sentence. People often underestimate the impact they can have on others," says Annie Pellerin, proving that philanthropy is not just for the well-off. After all, generosity is priceless!

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From left to right: Annie Pellerin, Vincent Trudel and Katty Taillon


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